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A complete and practical kit for dealing with the wide range of stain problems faced by every professional cleaner. ­You’ll be able to respond more of your customer’s needs, efficiently and easily. 

Spotting Kits

  • Loaded with tools and agents including: tamping brush, bone knife, stainless scissors, cotton swabs, syringe with needle, sponge, towel, pH litmus paper and easy-to-use stain guide.


    Known to remove adhesives, asphalt, baby food, beer, betadine, blood, candy, cheese, chocolate, coffee, cola, copy toner, crayon, creams, egg, excrement, food dyes, fruit juice, furniture stains, glue, grass stains, grease, gum, hair spray, lotion, ink, Kool-Aid, lipstick, make-up, medicine, mildew, milk, mustard, nail polish, odors, oil, paint, rust, shoe polish, soot, tar, tea, toothpaste, urine, varnish, Vaseline, vomit, water stains, wax, white-out, wine, yellowing and zinc oxide.

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