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We have been serving one of the best products and services in the world behind the scene in order to help our customers grow their business.

ผ้าขาว, น้ำยาซักผ้า




"Quality For Your Solutions"



> Liquid Detergent

> Powder Detergent

> General Cleaner

Equipment & Tools


> Dispenser

> Cleaning Equipment

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Learn More About Us

Welcome to PASPAND Manufacturing Co., Ltd


Paspand is one of the leading detergent suppliers in Thailand. 

At Paspand, we work with our clients’ team to enhance their operation resulting in better end-products and service.


We are developer, producer and distributor of detergent. The industry portfolio contains mainly:

● Industrial Laundry    

     - Laundry Dispensing Solutions      

       We corporate with Hydrosystem, the world’s largest independent manufacturer of chemical injecting equipment.  

     - Wash Products        

       Our complete products helps to streamline your laundry operations through the use of simple and efficient products which consist of:      

        > Liquid Detergent      

        > Washing Powder      

        > Liquid Softener      

        > Spot Remover      

        > Iron Smoother

● Building & Facilities    

     - Housekeeping       

       We provide professional cleaning products for places people depend on clean, safe and comfortable environments which consist of:    

        > Floor Cleaner      

        > Hand Soap      

        > General Cleaner

● Food & Beverage Processing    

     - Dishwashing      

       We provide warewashing solutions for food safety and hygiene environments which consist of:      

       > Degreaser      

       > Rinse Additives


Moreover,  we have our own laboratory together with experts who provide expertise in order to support our customers.  

Contact us for a free consultation or

Contact us on any questions regarding cleaning or for any technical questions. We advise you free of charge and offer a free on-site inspection.


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